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Automated Invoice Processing for SAP & Coupa customers

Automating the invoice receipt to posting process leaves Accounts Payable with only the exceptions to manage.

Our objectives for any Automated Invoice Processing solution are to automate the posting of invoices and workflow of exceptions to business users, with no intervention in Accounts Payable. The higher the automation rate, the lower the number of exceptions to manage and the more suppliers are paid on time.

We strive to deliver the highest automation rates possible but Go Live is only the start of the journey. We work with customers on a continuous improvement basis to increase their automation rates based on the analysis of real data after Go Live. Our template implementation approach means that customers Go Live with all knowledge and experience of all the automation options from our customers available in their production system as standard.

Software on its own does not deliver Automated Invoice Processing; it’s about working with a partner, who has the experience and long-term commitment you need to have the confidence an Automated Invoice Processing solution will truly delivers the business objectives you sign up to secure budget for these projects.

It really is a journey and we would welcome the opportunity to host a Virtual Site Visit to our Service Centre to see it all working on customer systems and follow up with a reference call to speak to one of our customers about their journey.

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SAP Invoice Automation Guide - Cogent Consulting

How it Works

Data Capture

Data Capture

Invoices can be received via e-invoicing, email and post. We provide Managed Services that eliminates the Data Capture process for our customers, so they receive 100% electronic invoice data in SAP from day one regardless of how the supplier submits their invoice. The same tools we use to deliver the managed service can also be implemented for customers to use in-house, either on-premise or as a cloud-based solution, so we practice what we preach. Our Managed Services are delivering 5M invoices per year to customer SAP systems including those using add-on solutions such as OpenText Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) and Process Director from Kofax.

Automation in SAP

Automation in SAP

Invoice data received from the Data Capture process is stored in a SAP Certified add-on we provide and the image is archived for retrieval throughout the process. Data checking, line item matching and automated postings for PO and non-PO invoices occur inside SAP. Exceptions are automatically sent on Workflow to business users based on rules and users workflows can be accessed via SAP, Fiori, Web Application, Email and Mobile App’s or emailed to the Supplier. Reporting provides comprehensive KPI statistics of the end-to-end process to measure performance from receipt to post and root cause analysis of issues to drive continuous improvement.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Analysis of the reporting data post Go Live enables us to work with clients to identify opportunities to increase automation rates. The quick wins are where we can make changes in the data capture process and/or changes to the settings in the SAP add-on to improve the first-time posting and automated workflow percentages. We also provide advice to clients on where they could optimise other areas of the Procure to Pay process and make better use of the options available in standard SAP to further streamline the process. All customers who participate in continuous improvement achieve significant increases in efficiency and we welcome the opportunity to introduce you to reference customers.

A Virtual Site Visit to our Service Centre to see Automated Invoice Processing from receipt of invoices through to posting on live customer SAP systems will help you understand how we achieve these goals.

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Improve payment on time

Faster the process and higher the automation rate and better tools to manage exceptions will result in more invoices being available to pay on time. Prompt payment performance reporting at the touch of a button.

Cost savings

The more invoices that post first-time automatically or go on workflow automatically, combined with fewer queries to manage as a result of paying on time means significantly fewer resources required, reducing costs.

Improve supplier relationships

Paying more suppliers on time is good for you and the supplier. The more invoices you pay on time, the more leverage you have in negotiations and maximise the opportunity to acheive better purchasing terms and early payment discounts.

Add value in Accounts Payable

Delivering matched invoices to your Cloud ERP system takes care of the transaction processing element  of Accounts Payable. This changes the role of Accounts Payable users to add more value by managing vendor relationships and reconciling supplier statement.

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