Automated Invoice Processing in SAP

Automated Invoice Posting, Managing Exceptions & Reporting

Our definition of Automation in SAP is the percentage of invoices that match and post first time with no human intervention plus the percentage of invoice exceptions that are sent on workflow to business users with no touch in Accounts Payable.

Automation in SAP is what makes or breaks a business case because it doesn’t matter how many einvoices you receive or how automated the Data Capture is if you don’t have the right solution in SAP to automate matching, posting and query resolution. Flexible data-checking, line item matching and auto-posting is what drives the real cost savings.

Our SAP certified add-on for Accounts Payable Invoice Processing provides all the components to handle the storing of the data and image from the Data Capture Process and einvoicing solutions. Once the data is stored the software processes the data performing the customised checks, line item matching and automatic postings. Based on notification of success or error, workflows to business users and/or emails to suppliers can be automatically started with the invoice image being available throughout the process. The reporting pack measures the performance of the solution from receipt to payment that enables continuous improvement.

Having implemented Automation since 2005, we have developed an Implementation Template that contains all the automation options we have learnt over the years of successfully implementing automated invoice processing. The Template approach means that customers Go Live quicker and with a solution that not only meets their solution design, but also puts all the automation options in the control of Accounts Payable to drive continuous improvement post Go Live without having to go through a change process.

Automation in SAP comprises the following components: –


Process Director

Process Director performs data-checking, line item matching and auto-posting to SAP if all checks are passed. Process Director gives AP complete control and visibility of the process, whether invoices are posted, in error, rejected or on a workflow. Process Director resides in SAP and is accessed via any SAP user interface deployed by the customer.

Work Cycle

Work Cycle is the workflow component of Process Director. Workflows are routed to business users automatically based on rules with access to the image as well as details of the issue and action required. SAP users and non-SAP users can participate in the process with options to view workflows via SAP GUI, Fiori, Web Application and Email.


Voluminous statistics are generated from receipt of invoices through to posting, so we can measure performance and analyse the root cause of posting failures to drive continuous improvement of automation. Reporting also provides a standard set of KPI’s as well as the ability to create custom reports based on any field used in the reporting

We welcome prospective customers to a Virtual Site Visit of our Service Centre to see the end-to-end process on our Cloud Service from receipt to post on live customer SAP systems

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