Available to Pay Service

Available to Pay (ATP) Service

Our Available to Pay (ATP) Service delivers a fully managed process from receipt of invoices through to posting in SAP. The service is delivered to an SLA and the objectives are to improve payment on time, reduce supplier queries and ensure your ledgers are accurate.

ATP takes care of transaction processing, which leaves your Accounts Payable team to focus on managing payments, supplier relationships and the value-add tasks that will make your organisation world-class in Accounts Payable.

ATP is delivered remotely on a global basis by our virtual teams in the UK and we are very much an extension of our customers’ Accounts Payable team. ATP includes all of the tools we’ve been delivering for SAP customers since 2005, so the service is completely transparent whereby customers have the same visibility of the process in SAP as our team does. Our ATP Dashboards provides a view of the un-posted documents and analytics for all documents from invoice receipt through to payment in SAP. A comprehensive set of industry-standard KPI’s will track performance and trends over time with goal-setting agreed as part of the service. Vendor analysis dashboards provide actionable insights for our team to improve automation as part of continuous improvement.

As an ATP customer, you will have access to the latest Automated Invoice processing in SAP components (Process Director, Work Cycle and Analytics), which will be implemented, supported and maintained as part our service. Every update and enhancement that we release will be available to drive continuous improvement and future-proof your Accounts Payable process, which means you have the option of taking transaction processing back in-house using the same technology we use to deliver the service.

If your organisation already uses Process Director or other Invoice Automation solutions like VIM then we will not only take those on, but also share all the enhancements we have to improve your automation rates as part of the ATP service.

A high-level overview of what’s included in the ATP service: –

Processing of Invoices from receipt to posting (Availale to Pay) in SAP: –

  • Receipt of electronic, PDF and paper invoices in any format;
  • Manage mailbox, ensure suppliers submit valid invoices;
  • Transfer invoice data and images to SAP (24 hour SLA from receipt);
  • Auto-post invoices if all configured checks are passed (Real-time);
  • Auto-workflow exceptions to business users based on rules (Real-time);
  • Auto-reject invoices to suppliers based on rules (Real-time);
  • Notify nominated AP users about final demands and urgent notices (72 hour SLA);
  • Manually fix, post or workflow invoices that fall outside rules (72 hour SLA);
  • Expedite near due and overdue workflows (Daily Task);
  • Continually update and systemise resolution procedures to speed up process;
  • Online portal to view all invoices processed, all rejected invoices by reason and SLA performance statistics.
  • Regular Service Review calls to review performance against SLA.

Continuous Improvement: –

  • Analyse errors and prioritise issues to resolve to improve speed of process;
  • Propose, agree and implement improvements to increase automation rates.

Proactive reconciliation of supplier statements: –

  • Send reconciliation reports to suppliers with invoice and payment status;
  • Request missing invoices/credits;
  • Identify and fix miss-postings;
  • Notify nominated AP users about suspected duplicates (preventative)

Supplier Portal (Optional): –

  • View invoice status and due dates for payment;
  • Payment information;
  • Query management;

Service Review: –

  • Daily in early go live phase to resolve issues and ramp up exception handling by updating resolution procedures (manual and system);
  • Monthly after BAU to continuously improve the service based on feedback.

Analytics Dashboards: –

  • Visibility of open documents in the process;
  • Analysis of all documents from receipt to post;
  • Industry-standard KPI set to track performance, trends and goals;
  • Insights to improve automation and payment to terms.

We love to show customers our solutions working on live systems, so why not book a Live Demo to see the Available to Pay Service in action?

We welcome prospective customers to join a Virtual Site Visit to our Service Centre to see the end-to-end process from receipt to post on live customer SAP systems