Giving Accounts Payable Global Capabilities With Automation Software


An member of accounts payable using automation software to better work in a globalised environment.


With global supply chains and digital transformation reshaping the way that large businesses engage with their suppliers, Accounts Payable (AP) departments are no longer confined to managing local transactions. AP teams increasingly deal with cross-border invoices that bring their own set of challenges ranging from multi-currency transactions to diverse tax/VAT regulations and language barriers. To thrive in this global environment, AP managers are turning to automation software.

This article explores how automation software can equip AP departments with the capabilities needed to manage global operations efficiently.


Bridging Currency Gaps With Multi-Currency Support

One of the primary challenges of global operations is dealing with multiple currencies. Manually converting currencies for each invoice is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors due to fluctuating exchange rates. Automation software with global capabilities offers a solution by providing multi-currency support. It can automatically convert foreign currency invoices into GBP, using real-time exchange rates, simplifying the processing of non-UK invoices, and ensuring accurate financial reporting.

Navigating Tax Regulations And Ensuring Compliance

Different countries and jurisdictions have different tax laws and rates, which need to be accurately reflected on invoices. This is especially important for UK businesses dealing with EU suppliers following Brexit. Failure to comply with these tax regulations can result in delays and penalties, and risk harming business relationships.

Automated invoice processing systems often come equipped with features that can handle these complexities. They can apply the correct tax rates based on the vendor’s location, ensuring all invoices are tax-compliant. 

Meeting Global Regulatory Standards

Beyond tax laws, each jurisdiction has its own regulations regarding invoice processing, data security, and record-keeping. These regulations may dictate how long invoices can or must be stored, the format in which they’re kept, and the process for approving and paying them. Automation software can help AP departments adhere to these regulations. They can store invoices securely for the required period, maintain audit trails, and ensure that the approval and payment processes meet the stipulated guidelines. This enhances compliance and reduces the risk of regulatory infractions.

Breaking Language Barriers With Integrated Multi Language Support

Language differences can pose a challenge when dealing with international vendors. A misunderstanding or misinterpretation can lead to errors and strained relationships. Many automated systems offer high quality multi-language support in Spanish, German, French and other languages, which can be invaluable in a European or global context. The software can interpret and process vendor invoices received in various languages, overcoming barriers to communication and ensuring accurate processing of all invoices.

Offering 24/7 Operations

Time zone differences can cause delays in communication and invoice processing when you rely on manual processing from someone physically in the office. However, automated systems operate round the clock, so supply invoices can be processed as soon as they’re received, regardless of the time. This ensures timely payments, improves vendor relationships, and enhances the efficiency of the AP process.

What Next?

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