Invoice-Matching for Coupa

Automate receipt and matching of all invoices from day one via the Coupa API

Invoice-Matching enables Coupa buyers to receive all invoices electronically from day one. By leveraging the capabilities of Coupa’s API, Invoice-Matching maximizes the volume and speed of Purchase Order matched invoices delivered first time to Coupa with no intervention by Accounts Payable.

Suppliers can submit invoices in any format, including XML, CSV, PDF and scanned images. Data extraction, validation and transfer to the Invoice-Matching App can be provided as a Managed Service, which delivers a no-touch process for Coupa buyers from invoice receipt to posting in Coupa.

Invoice-Matching can also be used as the automation engine with any Capture solution or Managed Service you already have in place. This enables Coupa buyers to leverage their existing solutions on the front-end with the market leading automation Invoice/Purchase Order line-item matching engine to minimize change and achieve faster ROI from Coupa.

Leveraging the power of Coupa’s API, Invoice-Matching performs real-time data checking, enrichment combined with Purchase Order line-item matching rules to automate all supplier invoices through to Coupa. Any error messages from the Coupa API are logged instantly and clearly defined in the App to drive faster resolution of the issues. Errors can either be resolved as part of our Managed Service or by the Coupa buyer’s AP team.

Non-PO invoice processing is also supported with options to automate the coding and Approval workflow based on rules. Any invoices from vendors not authorized to submit non-PO invoices can be automatically rejected.

Rules to determine tax codes are provided in the solution to support the Coupa API integration of the Invoice submission.

Utilizing Coupa’s API by design with Invoice-Matching delivers a rich solution out of the box and enables fast implementation times with free Proof of Concept’s to help you make the smart choice with confidence.