Invoice-Matching for Coupa

Automate receipt and matching of all invoices from day one via the Coupa API

Our Coupa Certified Invoice-Matching app enables Coupa buyers to receive all invoices electronically from day one. By leveraging the capabilities of Coupa’s API, Invoice-Matching maximizes the volume and speed of Purchase Order matched invoices delivered first time to Coupa with no intervention by Accounts Payable.

Suppliers can submit invoices in any format, including PDF, XML and scanned images. Data extraction, validation and transfer to the Invoice-Matching App is provided as a Managed Service, which delivers a no-touch process for Coupa buyers from invoice receipt to posting in Coupa.

Leveraging the power of Coupa’s API, Invoice-Matching performs real-time data checking and enrichment combined with Purchase Order line-item matching rules to automate all supplier invoices through to Coupa. Root Cause error descriptions are automatically allocated in real-time to any exceptions, which are used to automate exception handling eg. Missing Receipt = Send to Coupa in Draft to kick-off workflow process in Coupa opr Duplicate Invoice = Reject back to supplier. Automated exception handling can also be applied to invoices from other Coupa channels, so the same, automated rules can be applied to the processing of errors with invoices submitted to Coupa via cXML and CSP.  The objective is to automate the transfer of Draft or Matched invoices to Coupa and automate exception processing, which minmises the number of documents that need to be touched by Accounts Payable.

Non-PO invoice processing is also supported with options to automate the coding and Approval workflow based on rules. Any invoices from vendors not authorized to submit non-PO invoices can be automatically rejected.

Invoice-Matching re-uses the tax determination rules configured in Coupa and provides an additional layer of tax determination to meet more complex scenarios for the tax treatment of goods/services across all global markets. Invoice-Matching also provides tolerances based on value and/or percent to increase matching rates when there is a small difference. 

Utilizing Coupa’s API by design with Invoice-Matching affords us the opportunity to make use of all the data available via the Coupa API in real-time, which enables us to deliver a rich solution out of the box and easilly add new functionality. We offer a free Proof of Concept to try Invoice-Matching with your data and it’s so easy to implement that we charge no setup fees. Invoice-Matching is on a monthly subscription with no minimum term or invoice volumes. 

We love to demonstrate our solutions to show you how the process and technology work end-to-end. We will show you the end-to-end process from receipt of PDF invoices through to delivery of matched invoices to Coupa. We will explain how to try it out with real data on a free POC and let you how the pricing works. Please allow 1 hour for the session.