Leverage The Options Available In Standard Sap To Streamline Your Organisation’s Procure-To-Pay Process


An accounts payable member utilising the integration of artificial intelligence within the procure-to-pay process, reflecting the advanced technological solutions that streamline procurement and financial transactions.


Healthy long-term relationships with vendors are crucial for an effective and streamlined procurement process, requiring clear communication and transparency at all times. A positive supplier relationship facilitates the exchange of honest feedback and fresh ideas, leading to more fluid operations, lower costs, and a streamlined supply chain. Customers, inevitably, are the beneficiaries and are more likely to exhibit loyalty to your business, helping to protect your organisation against the challenges of economic uncertainty.



How Automation In Sap Can Streamline The Procure-To-Pay Process

While digital invoicing and automatic invoice data capture play an important role in automating the procure-to-pay process, it’s easy to assume that these technologies will magically transform your vendor relationships. Electronic invoices and OCR scanning do offer important advantages: invoice data is recorded in SAP far more quickly, reducing dependency on the GRNI account, and eliminating the troublesome data entry errors that are common with manual Account Payable (AP) processing.

However, automation in SAP is key, no matter what e-invoicing or data capture tools you have in place. A streamlined procure-to-pay process delivers effective cost savings and enhanced vendor relationships when SAP automation features three critical functions: flexible data checking; matching by line item; and auto-posting.

With Process Director, data checking, line-item matching, and auto-posting to SAP is completed automatically in any user interface on which SAP is deployed. Your AP team retain total control and insight into the procure-to-pay process, whatever the status of your vendor invoices.

So, how can automation in SAP help to foster better vendor relationships through a streamlined procure-to-pay process?

Improve Vendor Selection

With SAP, procurement professionals can simplify their vendor selection process and select the most appropriate vendor available through automation. Vendor evaluation uses criteria to improve the accuracy of selection, such as price, delivery reliability, quality, and service), with each vendor being awarded a score. Scores consider your own user-defined weighting for each assessment criteria, giving you greater control and a more robust basis for your vendor decision-making.

Grow Your Vendor Relationships

When issues arise during the pay-to-procure process, these can be incredibly frustrating for both parties. Delays in the process lead to uncertainty on the vendor’s side, and time is wasted chasing payments or seeking clarification. Automation in SAP enables problems to be quickly identified so that AP staff, freed from time-consuming manual tasks, can secure fast resolutions that deliver long-term cost savings.

Ready To Streamline Your Pay-To-Procure Process? 

At Cogent Consulting, we have nearly two decades of experience helping businesses in a range of sectors to streamline their procure-to-pay processes, reducing costs, and improving vendor relationships.

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