Reporting Features: Accounts Payable Invoice Automation Software

Invoice Automation Analytics – Invoice Receipt to Payment

Our reporting solution collects data from the point the invoice was received (data capture and einvoicing) through to the payment of the invoice. At a document level it includes the timing, automation and pauses of the process. Whilst data at field level within the document is compared from capture to payment.

It simply means we can measure the true automation (or non-human touch) rates from the receipt of an invoice, say from an email to posting in SAP.

Access to the Analytics is via Power BI or SAP Cloud Analytics to a suite of dashboards covering reporting information based on key roles within your Accounts Payable department that are constituent parts of the Invoice Automation Process. The role based metrics allow the Accounts Payable team and Management to be able to have detailed reports on individual parts of the process, such as Data Capture accuracy, to payment performance whilst providing the overview of the whole process.

For Customers who only have the Data Capture Solution, reporting is available to monitor the performance and automation of the Data Capture process. Identifying the efficiency of invoice Field capture by Supplier improves data accuracy and reduces manual intervention.

For Customers who only have Process Director, reporting in SAP is available to provide key performance indicators from auto-posting, workflow automation, invoice error reporting, workflow user performance and payment performance. Additional reporting fields for each Process Director document are available in the main Process Director transaction.

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