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About RS Components

As children, we all grew up with big ideas and an active imagination that allowed us to believe we could be anything we wanted to be, and do anything we wanted to do. We were inspired by what we saw in the world around us and driven by a belief it was all possible.

At RS, we want to help our customers keep that magic alive so that they can realise their big ideas and shape the future.

‘for the inspired’ is the essence of what we believe in. It’s a celebration of the people in our industry: their achievements, their moments of ambition and their inspiration to make things happen.

RS Components Accounts Payable

RS Components process 950,000 invoices per year on SAP. RS Components have been a live customer for Automated Invoice Processing solution since 2006. Their Automated Invoice Processing solution comprises the following: –

On average, RS Components post 85% of their documents first time with no intervention and regularly achieve 90-95% first time posting. It’s been a journey achieving such a high level of automation and Cogent Consulting have supported RS in their endeavours to achieve true world-class processing in their Accounts Payable function.

Comments about working with Cogent Consulting from Mary McNeish – Continuous Improvement Lead

“Cogent are a valued business partner for RS.  Their approach to Continuous Improvement has allowed us to make significant improvements to automation. Our automation rate is on average 85%.

Cogent’s consultants react quickly to any problem or request. They speak in BAU language which is invaluable when trying to get to the root cause of an issue.

Automation has given us number of advantages not only with the processing of invoices but visibility. Cogent were involved in the original implementation and lead the implementation of the SAP cockpit transactions.  They advised us on our webcycle (workflow) processes enabling us to leverage our automation even further with “negative” approval etc.  These webcycles give as a complete audit trail we know exactly where the invoice is and how long it has been out for approval.

Our ongoing partnership with Cogent has allowed for flexible issue identification and resolution as part of a joint Continuous Improvement journey.”

We welcome prospective customers to visit our Service Centre to see the end-to-end process from receipt to post on live customer SAP systems