Work Cycle Workflows: Automated Invoice Processing System

Resolving Invoice Issues with the Business User

Invoices that required additional approvals or require additional processing from the Business Users to make the invoice available for payment are distributed to the Users via Work Cycle workflow. The initiation of a Work Cycle workflow can be done manually from Process Director or automatically based on reasons from the outcome of an action, such as transfer into Process Director, Posting or the Approval of a Work Cycle workflow.

Typically implemented workflows include:

  • Approval of invoices not related to a Purchase Order, which can be approved from cost assignment values through your existing approval hierarchy or one provide via the Implementation Template;
  • Missing Goods to prompt the goods receipt of the items on the invoice to be performed or perform the goods receipt on approval of the workflow;
  • Price Difference over tolerance for invoices with a Purchase Order;
  • Two-Way Invoice Approval based on Limit Orders.
  • Email messages for new workflows, reminders and escalation via cc (Carbon Copy) email can be sent for Work Cycle workflows.
  • Via Process Director, Accounts Payable can view the status and timing of all workflows. Reports are available to view outstanding workflows by user, timing of workflow responses and volume of workflows per user.
  • The Business User can access their workflow via a number of routes including their existing SAP interface, Fiori, Mobile Application, Web Browser or Email. The Business User does not have to be an existing SAP User to access and respond to Work Cycle workflow. The invoice image is available throughout the Work Cycle process.

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